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(Approved By DGCA & Ministry Of Civil Aviation (Govt. Of India))

The qualifications to become an AME are as following:

AME License- To become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer a candidate must have AME License. It is the mandatory qualification to apply for Job in aviation sector as AME. The license is issued by DGCA Govt of India. The license of AME is very valuable as AME can work in India and abroad in government and private sector.

There are some extra skills which are helpful to become an AME:

Ability to work as part of a team -  The AME operates the aircrafts in a team so a candidate is comfortable to work in team.

Accountability - It is accountability of AME for the well being and protection of aircrafts.

Ability to work odd hours - AME is required in favourable and unfavourable time and place. An AME is capable to work in each and every circumstance.

Communication skill - AME should have good communication skills. He/She should have good command in English.

Confidence - AME can present himself/herself properly and confidently. The AME should have positive attitude towards his work.