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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

"If a Pilot is Heart of the Aircraft then AME is its Soul."

AME is a job profile with high dignity and a great sense of responsibility. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is basically a person licensed to certify the aircraft or its component for its airworthiness before its release to service. In other words, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer carry out and certify overhaul, major repairs of aircraft, power plants, components and accessories thereof before its release to service in accordance with the national & international aviation standards. All the Airlines, Maintenance & repair organizations, flying clubs, etc. appoint these AMEs for the certification of their aircrafts and its components as per the Government Rules and Regulations. In terms of employment opportunities, the aircraft maintenance engineering is probably the most promising in the aviation sector.

”The duty of an AME is to ensure that the Aircraft is in a fit to fly condition before it takes off the ground. As per the rules laid down by the govt. of India". No aircraft can take off without the certification from qualified Maintenance Engineers.To become an AME one has to undergo AME course from a DGCA approved Institute. These recognized institutes teach the approved syllabus of DGCA & conduct internal examinations for completion of the course. All AME institutes are allotted limited no. of seats in the categories B1(Mechanical) and B2(Avionics). No AME institutes can induct more students than that allotted by DGCA. Aspiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who have obtained the licence can start working with private/ government airlines. So, one who has those goals in mind to become part of the challenging aviation industry, can join AME course & explore the world of his/her dreams.

The Students, who dream to be a successful AME & ultimately achieve their goal, may join AME training Institutes. Like other Institutes/colleges under various regulatory bodies viz. AICTE, NCTE etc., these DGCA approved AME Institutes are also providing the necessary knowledge, experience and skill of Aircraft maintenance Technique in order to pass AME license. Merely completion of AME course will not fetch the students any licence or degree/diploma. However, those AME students who have successfully completed the AME course and passed AME license Examinations, conducted by DGCA will be eligible for Appropriate AME license.

So if you have dream to build your career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and want to serve for the aviation industries as a responsible certifying personal join Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal. As per the DGCA, Govt. of India rule the institute can get admission of only 30 students per batch in an academic year, so limited seats are available to fulfill your dreams.

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