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1. Candidate wishing to avail hostel facility has to fill separate form along with a joint affidavit and anti ragging form signed by the Hosteler and parents with requisite Hostel and Mess fee.
2. In a single room a minimum of 3 Hostelers shall be accommodated, depending on the size of the room.
3. No Hosteler will have the right to occupy a room during vacation. But as a special case permission, he/she may be granted to stay on request, if he/she is doing any educational work / project     work / Institute work / Hostel work etc.
4. The information provided by the applicant will be shared with the police station for verification. The society won't be responsible for the wrong information provided by the Candidates.
5. The hostel accommodation is subject to change depending on the availability.


1. All the hostelers of a hostel will compulsorily become a permanent member of the mess.
2. Each hostel mess will run as a co-operative mess by the Hostelers (inmates of the hostel) under the supervision of Mess Supervisor and Wardens.
3. The mess committee will also prepare the monthly menu in advance and display it on the notice board.
4. The audit of the mess account should be done after every semester as per norms.
The mess timings are as follows and the Hostelers should adhere to these timings:
                                     Breakfast                               07.00-08.30 am
                                     Lunch                                     12.00-01.30 pm
                                     Evening Tea                           05.30-06.00 pm
                                     Dinner                                    07.30-08.30 pm
Subject to variations, if hosteller schedules change due to any reason.


While entertaining their guests, the boarders will have to write to the warden for permission. Female visitors are not allowed in the boys' hostel and vice-versa. Admission rights for the guests and the visitors are reserved with the warden.



  • 1.  The allocation of the rooms to the students is subject to their depositing the concerned hostel fees to the Institute.
  • 2.  The boarders are not allowed to interchange their rooms.
  • 3.  The warden can shift the students from one room to the other without assigning any reason.
  • 4.  Extra electrical appliances such as heaters, air conditioner, coolers, reflectors, radio. T.V. etc. are not allowed within the boarding room.
  • 5.  The roll call time is 9 P.M. when each boarder is to be within the hostel premises.
  • 6.  Absentees will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500 per day.
  • 7.  While living in Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering hostel, students will have access to a study table, a cot, a tube light, and bulbs, etc. When the hostellers vacate the room,            he/she will leave all the furniture and light fittings as such
  • 8.  The furniture of one room will not be transferred to the other room by any of the hostelers
  • 9.  Cooking or boiling of any sort is not allowed inside the hostel rooms.
  • 10. Table lamps, lock, and the Institute do not provide the key. The hosteller will arrange these for himself/herself.
  • 11. The inmates are required to keep the rooms neat and clean. The sanitary sense ought to have been observed by them.
  • 12. During the Institute study hours, the boarders should not remain within their rooms. If found, they may be fined.

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