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(Approved By DGCA & Ministry Of Civil Aviation (Govt. Of India))


Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering provides Hostel Accommodation to the students coming from outstation. For female students, there is a separate provision for hostel accommodation. Hostel remains compulsory.


For admission to the hostel the students will have to apply in the prescribed application form separately.

The principle of “First Come First Serve” will be applied in the cases for admission to the hostels. The hostel fee must be deposited at a lump-sum for one year (only lodging charges) by the time student is admitted to the hostel. The students will have to compulsorily abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel living.


The mess will be fully managed & shared by the students. Students are liable to pay the actual cost of their share. Mess, too, remains compulsory for hostelers. In the Annual Hostel Fee, Mess charges are not included.


While entertaining their guests, the boarders will have to write to the warden for permission. Female visitors are not allowed in the boys' hostel and vice-versa. Admission rights for the guests and the visitors are reserved with the warden.


  1. The allocation of the rooms to the students is subject to their depositing the concerned hostel fees to the Institute.
  2. The boarders are not allowed to interchange their rooms.
  3. The warden can shift the students from one room to the other without assigning any reason.
  4. Extra electrical appliances such as heaters, air conditioner, coolers, reflectors, radio. T.V. etc. are not allowed within the boarding room.
  5. The roll call time is 9 P.M. when each boarder is to be within the hostel premises.
  6. Absentees will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500 per day.
  7. While living in Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering hostel, students will have access to a study table, a cot, a tube light, and bulbs, etc. When the hostellers vacate the room, he/she will leave all the furniture and light fittings as such
  8. The furniture of one room will not be transferred to the other room by any of the hostelers
  9. Cooking or boiling of any sort is not allowed inside the hostel rooms.
  10. Table lamps, lock, and the Institute do not provide the key. The hosteller will arrange these for himself/herself.
  11. The inmates are required to keep the rooms neat and clean. The sanitary sense ought to have been observed by them.
  12. During the Institute study hours, the boarders should not remain within their rooms. If found, they may be fined.