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Aerospace engineering is a diverse field of science that largely involves the study of design, manufacturing, maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, and weapon systems. Aspirants who wish to fly high in emerging industries or looking for a secure and high-paying career path should consider pursuing aerospace engineering.

You won’t be surprised to come across that aerospace engineering will challenge your specialization with numbers, analysis, technology, problem-solving, and innovation. Rather than choosing a diploma in aerospace engineering, it is best to pursue our dual program at IAE Bhopal to experience the excellence of aerospace engineering course and a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, and management.

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is a widely appreciated field that deals with two major branches of engineering i.e., aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. A large part of aerospace engineering carries mechanical aspects with topics like computer applications, mathematics, physics, aeronautics, etc. If you study with constant focus and from a recognized college, this course results in brighter career choices with good remuneration.

Why Study Aerospace Engineering?

The aerospace engineering industry is a demanding and rapidly growing market that serves optimum satisfaction, job security, and excellent salary packages. Successful aerospace engineers will have a chance to work on exciting technologies and programs to make the world a better place to live.

From holistic learning experience to principles in the lecture, testing, and prototyping in labs and full-scale workshops, the skills you will gain in these scenarios will present wide-ranging career options in engineering, manufacturing, design, automotive, aircraft, and a lot more.

It allows you to create an impressive CV and if you've a keen interest in the military, airlines, and government sectors, this field helps redefine your employment history. The course gives you impeccable knowledge of several modules like aircraft design, aerodynamics, space mission analysis, management and business, flight dynamics, and space mechanisms.

What You Can Do with the Aerospace Engineering Degree?

Since the aircraft industry requires further research and development, the demand for competent aeronautical engineers has been increasing tremendously. Students can specialize in any specific aerospace component of their choice, including aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, satellites, or more.

Professionals are required for companies that are involved in manufacturing, analysis, design, and R&D. B. Tech graduates can also go into defense forces. Here are the key areas of employment after the aeronautical engineering course:

  • Aircraft manufacturing companies
  • Space research centers like ISRO and NASA
  • Aeronautical development establishments
  • Aeronautical laboratories
  • Airlines
  • Defense research and development organizations
  • Department of civil aviation
  • Flying clubs
  • Government-owned air services
  • Private sector

In India, fresh graduates can secure reputed jobs with an expected annual salary of 5 to 6 lacs. IIT graduates can expect a great salary package of 15 lacs per annum. With advanced degrees, students can expect up to 48 lacs per annum. Students can find hundreds of career opportunities abroad as well.

Admission Open at IAE Bhopal

If you’re really passionate about planes, aircraft, missiles, spaceships, and rockets, aerospace engineering is a suitable career option for you. At the Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal, we are imparting an adaptive educational environment and dedicated training to produce industry-ready aeronautical engineers for tomorrow.

Our cutting-edge dual programs bring you more close to your dream of becoming aerospace engineers, aerospace technicians, aerospace maintenance engineers, and military aerospace engineers. If you’ve any further queries regarding aerospace engineering, feel free to reach out to us!

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