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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

AME"If a Pilot is Heart of the Aircraft then AME is its Soul."

AME is a job profile with high dignity and a great sense of responsibility. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is basically a person licensed to certify the aircraft or its component for its airworthiness before its release to service. In other words, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer carry out and certify overhaul, major repairs of aircraft, power plants, components and accessories thereof before its release to service in accordance with the national & international aviation standards. All the Airlines, Maintenance & repair organizations, flying clubs, etc. appoint these AMEs for the certification of their aircrafts and its components as per the Government Rules and Regulations. In terms of employment opportunities, the aircraft maintenance engineering is probably the most promising in the aviation sector.

”The duty of an AME is to ensure that the Aircraft is in a fit to fly condition before it takes off the ground. As per the rules laid down by the govt. of India". No aircraft can take off without the certification from qualified Maintenance Engineers.To become an AME one has to undergo AME course from a DGCA approved Institute. These recognized institutes teach the approved syllabus of DGCA & conduct internal examinations for completion of the course. All AME institutes are allotted limited no. of seats in the categories B1(Mechanical) and B2(Avionics). No AME institutes can induct more students than that allotted by DGCA. Aspiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who have obtained the licence can start working with private/ government airlines. So, one who has those goals in mind to become part of the challenging aviation industry, can join AME course & explore the world of his/her dreams.

The Students, who dream to be a successful AME & ultimately achieve their goal, may join AME training Institutes. Like other Institutes/colleges under various regulatory bodies viz. AICTE, NCTE etc., these DGCA approved AME Institutes are also providing the necessary knowledge, experience and skill of Aircraft maintenance Technique in order to pass AME license. Merely completion of AME course will not fetch the students any licence or degree/diploma. However, those AME students who have successfully completed the AME course and passed AME license Examinations, conducted by DGCA will be eligible for Appropriate AME license.

So if you have dream to build your career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and want to serve for the aviation industries as a responsible certifying personal join Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal. As per the DGCA, Govt. of India rule the institute can get admission of only 30 students per batch in an academic year, so limited seats are available to fulfill your dreams.


Job Work & responsibilities of an AME

Safety is a significant factor when it comes to aircraft. An aircraft is made of thousands of latest technologies and numerous parts, engines, electrical and electronic systems, etc. With time and use, parts tend to wear and tear down. Thus, regular inspection and maintenance of aircraft have become very necessary. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is specially trained to inspect an aircraft, diagnose problems, report the issues found and finally solve them

The aircraft contains responsibility of an enormous number of passengers. AME is a job with high dignity and trust as it deals with well being and protection of airplanes and their passengers. Before the flight takes off, it is the responsibility of licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to troubleshoot the problem of the aircraft.


Lifestyle, Job Opportunities & Salary of an AME

AME requires skilled and knowledgeable candidates because they are the backbone of the aviation industry and no aircraft can fly without Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s approval. AME must be passionate about his work. No doubt they have an excellent salary. It is a first-class job. The lifestyle after completing AME is luxurious.

◙  National Carrier: Airlines is a company that provides air transport for the passengers to travel. Before aircraft fly, a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has to analyze and troubleshoot the problems of airplanes. After releasing of Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC), a plane can fly.

◙ Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) industries: MRO companies are those companies are companies that specialize in ensuring the pre-determined conditions and their components such as jet engines, landing gears, etc. To maintain every airborne aircraft, a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is required.

◙ Aircraft Manufacturing Companies: Aircraft Manufacturing Companies deals in the manufacturing of aircrafts such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, etc. To maintain and operate jet and piston engines, electronics system, etc., an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is needed.

◙ Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies: Aircraft are made up of numerous parts. To manufacture those parts, Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies have been built. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can analyze those parts and help them to build a better one.

◙ Aircraft Operation Organizations: Organization deals with the rules regarding the safety and security of civil aviation. When it’s about Safety in aircraft, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the first name that came out.

◙ Flying Clubs: A flying club is an organization that provides its members with affordable access to aircraft. That aircraft needs to be maintained which is done by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

◙ Civil Defence Forces: There are many aircraft which defense forces use for various purposes to protect the country. The licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer also maintains defense aircraft.

◙ And any place where an aircraft is used in civil: Wherever airplanes are used they require to be maintained by authorized Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.


Career Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

There is the following news which impacts the scope of AME career:

The UDAN scheme is lifting the AME career. UDAN Scheme basic agenda to “let common people fly” by cutting down the airfare. The drastic increase in domestic passengers can be seen which result in a rising in AME career. The growth rate of air passenger is approx. 25% which leads to the requirement of new aircraft. Many airline companies ordered 1080 airplanes which build job opportunities for AME.

The world is already facing a lack of skilled AME. There is a requirement of 7,54,000 licensed AME worldwide in upcoming years as the license is valid in India and Abroad so AME from any Institute can do the job in India and Abroad in the private or government sector.

India became the best market to invest in as India is developing in the aviation sector very rapidly. Qatar Airways, WOW Airlines, etc. are entering in aviation market in India which raises the hike in the requirement of AME. Boeing and Airbus are going to set up their MRO Organization in distinct states of India which builds thousands of jobs for AME.

India in the race to become the 3rd largest in the aviation sector which is an excellent achievement for a country. India comprises of very hard working and passionate person who can make India proud. The career opportunities for AME are extraordinary as the growth of aviation.

India put its first step on the manufacturing of civil aircraft which hike the opportunities for Aircraft Engineers. Airfares cheaper than auto-rickshaw ride: Aviation minister Mr. Jayant Sinha leads to Extraordinary Aircraft Maintenance Engineer career. As the fare of Aircraft decreases, more people will be able to travel through aircraft.


What are the qualifications to become an AME?


AME License- To become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, a candidate must have an AME License after completion of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. It is the necessary qualification to apply for Job in the aviation sector as AME. DGCA Govt of India issues the license. The grant of AME is precious as AME can work in India and abroad in the government and private sector.



How to get AME License?


Completion of Course (COC) - After completion of 3 years academic in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institutes. The candidate gets the C of R. Any AME institute in India is approved by DGCA. DGCA is the Indian body which is under the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Modules - Modules are conducted by DGCA, Govt of India. There is a total of 17 modules according to DGCA, but candidates have to clear the module in accordance with the stream they have chosen. It is mandatory for the candidate to clear the modules.

Experience – The entire Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is of 4 years. In starting three years, there will be an academic program, and the remaining one years there will be training in the Maintenance Environment. The knowledge gain at the time of training will be considered as experience while applying for AME license.


To get COC (Completion of Course) Certificate, a candidate has to undergo 3 year academic programme in DGCA, Govt of India, approved AME institutes. In this 3 year programme, a candidate will get theoretical knowledge and practical training of aircraft. After successful completion of 3 years academic program, a candidate will achieve a C of R Certificate.

In this 3 years academic programme, there are some modules which candidates have to clear. DGCA Govt of India will conduct the modules examination.There will be 3 years of industrial training on the live environment in which candidate gets knowledge with a stipend.After that, the eligible Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will get an AME License as per DGCA norms.




All desirous students seeking admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course can directly fill our Institute form through the website: www.iaebhopal.edu.in for online mode or can contact us for offline registration

For admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in accordance with CAR-66 & CAR-147 approved Institute, a candidate has to be passed in 10+2 examination with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) or has completed three years approved diploma in any of the streams.

This Civil Aviation Requirement is issued in Accordance with Rule 61 and 133B of the Aircraft Rule 1937 derived from the Aircraft act 1934(XXII to 1934) passed by Indian parliament, Govt. of India under the aircraft rule. DGCA is a regulatory body to deal with all matters about Civil Aviation in the country.

So, as per Government norms anybody passed in 10+2 examination passed with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics or Diploma equivalent to 10+2 standard and medically fit as per the guidelines provided by DGCA, can take admission. There is no such provision of entrance examination as per norms provided by DGCA, Government of India.

Since there are many meritorious students who possess the enormous talent in the aviation industry but are financially very weak. To help out such meritorious students, Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering is conducting scholarship examination – “Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering Common Entrance Test (IAE-CET).” Based on ranking in this examination, one can avail a seat in Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal. For availing a seat in this prestigious Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, aspirants are required to register themselves either online via www.iaebhopal.edu.in or by offline mode.

The growth rate of air traffic in India is increasing which builds more and more job opportunities for the AME. This is a golden era to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. This career gives you all the luxury which a person can dream of. As per the current news, AME career going to touch new heights.

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